Foxy Mama Mother’s Day Animation

Foxy Mama is a fun and flirty eCard adapted for three occasions: Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and Birthdays!

The idea is that the mom fox is trying to cuddle up to the dad fox, when the little babies come running! The concept, storyboard, and animatic were provided by Hallmark, and my role was to bring the idea to life.

Click to watch and send this eCard!

Click to watch and send this eCard!


Beginning with the design of the fox family, I drew the mom fox with soft, rounded features using lots of curves and heart patterns (in her ear fluff, on at the tip of her tail) to support the flirtatiousness of her character.

In contrast, the dad fox is slightly more angular in shape, while the little fox cubs are a mix of both!

Character Design Sketches for Foxy Mama Animation for Hallmark by Jeca Martinez

Since the atmosphere of the animation is quite romantic I used a lot of hot pinks and purples with some lilac for accent in the background.

For my color compositions, I always like to block out the background colors I want to use so I can quickly see how they work together, and how they look against the colors of the characters.

Background Illustrations for Foxy Mama Animation by Jeca Martinez

The animation, which was made in Adobe Animate, makes heavy use of frame-by-frame with a bit of cut-out technique. 

It was quite a challenge to convey a lot of emotion through the foxes’ body language, and make the movements smooth— especially the mom fox’s tail which flicks around a lot and used many frames to achieve that soft settle at the end of each flick.

Around this time I also upgraded from Adobe Flash to Adobe Animate, and learned a new feature called the Paint Brush Tool that introduced textured brushes! 

This meant that I was able to color the entire animation within Animate, and I didnt need to export and import frames between Photoshop and Animate to achieve the organic textured look that I often use in my work!

Foxy Mama Animation GIF for Hallmark by Jeca Martinez.gif

Lastly, I hand-lettered three different versions of the sentiment to make three versions of the eCard: Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and Birthdays! 

Hand Written Greeting in Foxy Mama for Hallmark by Jeca Martinez

I’m really proud to have been able to do some challenging animation with this project! There’s also a process and timelapse video on my channel if you’d like to see more of how I animated this eCard!