Google Lovebird Animated Sticker

When Percolate Galactic approached me with a mysterious creative project that they couldn’t say much about, you can imagine my surprise when, after all the paperwork, I was told that the project would be for Google! *cue angelic singing*

One of the work I created for them is this animated sticker featuring two lovebirds eating together!

Animated Lovebird Messaging Sticker for Google by Jeca Martinez.gif

The animation was made in Adobe Animate, and each frame was colored in Photoshop to give it a very watercolor-esque, organic, hand-drawn style.

This animated lovebird sticker was added to Google Pixel’s AR camera for Valentine’s Day 2019, and made a small appearance in their Instagram story! (Which came as yet another surprise because I didn’t know when and where they were going to launch the sticker!)

Basically Google gets me shook every time.

Swipe the Instagram post to see an excerpt from Google’s story!