High Flying Easter Animation

When Hallmark approached me with an Easter eCard project, they provided pre-made storyboards featuring a bunny riding an egg-shaped hot air balloon. My role was simply to bring the idea to life!

It’s fun, simple, and has bunnies, so I— hopped— right into it! (sorry, I just had to)

Click to watch and send this eCard!

Click to watch and send this eCard!


Fun fact: While designing the hot air balloon Easter eggs, I decided to color one of them a plain pastel yellow to contrast all the other patterned eggs. My project manager at Hallmark thought it was funny that I left one of the balloons a plain, regular egg, and thus a happy accident occurred! 😆

The animation was made in Adobe Flash using a mix of frame-by-frame and tweens, while the backgrounds and candies were colored in Photoshop to achieve that soft pastel effect.

Bunnies in Easter Hot Air Balloons GIF Animation for Hallmark by Jeca Martinez
Happy Easter Greeting GIF Animation for Hallmark by Jeca Martinez.gif