International Women’s Day Sticker

When it’s dark, look for the stars ✨

I’m very grateful and honored to celebrate International Women’s Day by being a part of this empowering set of messaging stickers for Google!

International Women's Day Sticker about Hope for Percolate Galactic and Google by Jeca Martinez

This sticker set was made in collaboration with Percolate Galactic, and 23 incredibly talented female artists from around the world!

We were each given a theme to design one sticker on, and I was initially assigned with “self-love”. 

These were my sketches, which consisted of female characters doing acts of self love— the first girl hugging herself and forming a heart, the second girl taking some “me time” with a book and headphones, and the last girl helping herself grow and blossom by watering the flowers on her head for a more figurative interpretation.

Initial Sketches for the International Women's Day Sticker about Hope by Jeca Martinez

However Google wanted to include more abstract stickers to the set, so I was given a new theme of “Hope” expressed in a more symbolic way.

Swipe to watch the timelapse process of this sticker! 

To me hope is about bracing yourself through the storm, knowing that there is light at end of the darkness. Hope is understanding that everything is temporary, and that no matter how impossible it may seem to feel happiness again, the downpour will eventually become quieter in time with the healing power of family and friends (our stars).

To make the entire sticker set look cohesive despite the variety of styles from the different artists, we all worked within a limited color palette provided by Google.

International Women's Day Sticker Set for Google by Percolate Galactic and Various Artists.jpg

We ended up with an amazing sticker set that celebrates womanhood in all its vibrant, loving, compassionate, world-changing resilience!

The International Women’s Day sticker set is also available on Google’s Android Messages, Gboard, and Pixel phones!