Mabuhay Facebook Stickers

Tiny tarsiers, big Pinoy pride! 🇵🇭  

“Mabuhay” is the tagalog greeting for “welcome!” and also the fitting name of my Philippine-themed sticker pack for Facebook starring two endearing tarsiers!

It was a lot of fun to take a step back to really observe my culture, our Pinoy mannerisms and expressions, and to have the opportunity to put a funny spin on day-to-day scenarios that happen “only in the Philippines!” 🌴

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So I proposed three character design ideas for the sticker set: a pair of young adult Filipino and Filipina, a “diwata” (which is a nature spirit in Philippine folklore, sort of like fairies), and some endangered animals in the Philippines.

We chose to go with tarsiers, which are teeny tiny, palm-sized monkeys with ginormous eyes, and make for a great canvas for expressive animation!

Plus, having animal characters keeps the sticker pack relatable regardless of race, gender, skin color, and background— Facebook is such a global company that inclusivity needs to be a part of any design!


Aside from taking note of common Filipino phrases and gestures like saying “Opo” (which is a polite way to say yes), doing the “mano” (a respectful gesture where you touch the back of an elder’s hand to your forehead), and using lips to point, I thought about other more subtle mannerisms that are still distinctly Pinoy like slapping and pushing a friend when laughing together, and covering one’s mouth with a hankerchief when laughing.

I also took into consideration our day-to-day lives like struggling with floods during rainy season, and taking the train which is usually packed like sardines.

Although the project is Philippine-themed, I still need to keep in mind how people from other countries can use this sticker pack, and how I can make some of them as universal and adaptable to other cultures as possible.

The storyboards above still have the human characters from the initial sketches, but they were changed to the tarsier characters during the animation stage.

I have to admit that I felt some slight pressure to design a sticker pack that represented the Philippines well, and something that Filipino Facebook users will find humor in. But when you live in the very inspiration behind a project, coming up with 24 sticker ideas was really just a matter of narrowing down an overflowing well of inspiration!


The stickers were animated in Adobe Animate, then each frame was brought and colored in Photoshop.

Below are comparisons between some of the finished stickers and their line animation!


If you’re a Pinoy (or Pinoy-at-heart), I really hope these lil tarsiers and their antics resonate with you in some way, and brighten up your day!☀️

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