Poblacion Illustrated Food Map

The Hungry Guide is blog series on ClickTheCity.com that shows all the best restaurants and hangout spots in Metro Manila, featuring an illustrated map for each location. For this article, I illustrated a map of Poblacion, Makati!

Click to read their article!

Click to read their article!


The project entailed a LOT of research into the 35 featured establishments. Aside from knowing where exactly they were located, I also needed to read up on each restaurant so I can figure out an illustration that would best represent them (such as their logo, a specialty on their menu, the look of their building, decorations or quirks that is unique to them, etc)

To start, I took screenshots of each location on Google Maps, and then plotted them all onto one map. Some of the establishments didn’t show up on Google or the locations weren’t accurate, so I needed to get into Street View and “walk through the streets” just to find some of the places!

Illustrated Map Sketch of Poblacion Makati for Click The City by Jeca Martinez

Now the challenge is that some of the restaurants are within one building/block, or they overlapped with each other, which meant that I needed to figure out a way to fit all the icons and typography within a small area.

So I took a lot of liberties with the proportions of each block and made areas larger or smaller as needed, all while making sure the streets are still correct.

It was a confusing task, but after a lot of trial and error I finally ended up with my rough sketch!

Illustrated Map Color Progress of Poblacion Makati for Click The City by Jeca Martinez

Because Poblacion is a well-known hangout spot that comes to life at night, I went with a neon light-inspired aesthetic, and used fluorescent purples, pinks, and neon greens to color the map.

Starting with a pink base, we experimented with different colored backgrounds until we landed on the dark purple one which perfectly captures that lively night life vibe, and makes all that neon pop!

I also made a process video of this project on my channel where you can watch a timelapse of this illustration!