The Christmas Buns Animation

The Christmas Buns is an adorable eCard featuring some squishy bunnies swaying their bell-tied bottoms to the song "Jingle Bells".

Click to watch and send this eCard!

Click to watch and send this eCard!



Hallmark was looking for Christmas eCard ideas, and among the three concepts I proposed, they chose this one where a bunch of bunnies with bells tied to their tails wiggle their butts to the tune of "Jingle Bells".

Below is the storyboard of the eCard. I removed the text from it for the purposes of this case study, but here we see the camera panning down to a group of bunnies. The "Maestro Bunny" in the middle hops and turns its back to the viewers, and the other bunnies follow suit, then they proceed to sway their bells/butts to the song, ending in the Maestro Bunny hitting a little triangle for the final chime.


It took me a few iterations to nail down the look for Christmas Buns. I experimented with different looks for the backgrounds, as well as colors and costumes of the bunnies.

The 5 concepts still somehow didn't feel right so I tried again from scratch. This time, I filled the background with large, whimsically-shaped trees, some of which are adorned with Christmas decors and blinking lights to add some subtle animation during the introductory pan.

To me, this background gave the perfect bright and festive woodland feel to the eCard, as opposed the backgrounds with the violet colors which made the scene feel too quiet.


For the animation I used a mix of frame-by-frame and cut-out techniques:

But for a more in-depth look you can check out this process and timelapse video below:


And that's how Christmas Buns came to be, ready to play their holiday tunes in screens near you! 

Hallmark liked this concept so much that we made a Birthday Buns version as well!

Click for The Christmas Buns!

Click for The Christmas Buns!

Click for The Birthday Buns!

Click for The Birthday Buns!