Tres Chic Facebook Stickers

Trés Chic is a set of 20 animated stickers featuring three adorable animals— a sassy cat, a fierce chicken, and a relatable bunny— that will help you bring out your inner sass!

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The concept for “Trés Chic” began with this animated GIF I made in 2014 called “Sassy Cat”, which in turn was inspired by my real-life sassy cat.

When Facebook posted a call for new sticker artists, I sent in my application alongside this Sassy Cat GIF as an example of what I can do for them. Facebook liked this GIF so much that they wanted me to expand on the concept, and create 20 stickers based on the idea of sassy pets!

Facebook also wanted to give the main cat character some friends, so I went with a chicken and a rabbit because I felt like they could be a fun and unusual trio of friends. Also these three animals were relatively closer in size, as opposed to the typical cat-dog-mouse combo, which made designing the layout of each sticker a lot less complicated.

Above was my initial sketch of the three characters. While the attitude expressed in this drawing was on-point with the sassy concept, the Facebook team found the animals too feminine and sexy. And so we toned down the sexiness, made the characters more gender-neutral to relate to more Facebook users, and made the design a lot closer to that of my original “Sassy Cat” GIF:


Once the character design was approved, we then moved on to coming up with ideas for each sticker! 

I gathered ideas by looking at popular memes, thinking of funny scenarios that can lend itself to sassy responses, taking note of my own cat’s natural sassiness, and simply using Facebook while thinking of what expression do I want to use that is not yet available in their sticker store. 

The Facebook team also gave me some ideas of expressions they wanted to have in their upcoming sticker packs.

In the end we narrowed down all our ideas into 20 stickers, as shown in the storyboards below:

I needed to keep in mind that these animated stickers will only be displayed in a really, really tiny view. So it’s important that how the characters and props are positioned, how they are designed, and how the animation plays out can read well and be understood from that scale.


The stickers were animated in Flash CS6 using a combination of frame-by-frame, and cut-out animation techniques. For a more detailed view of the entire sticker-creation process, I made these two YouTube videos:

From concept, to storyboard, with an animation timelapse of one of the stickers from the pack.

A compilation of animation timelapses of all the other stickers from the pack.


Creating an animated sticker pack for Facebook is a dream project of mine, and I’m so proud to present to you Trés Chic!

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